Как быстро порезать/проколоть шины [+ Лучшее руководство 2024 г.]

The best way to slash a tire is to use a knife or other sharp tool. A sharp tool has the advantage of being able to cut through the rubber quickly.

However, sharp tools can also be dangerous. If you’re not sure how to use a sharp tool, it’s best to take your car to a mechanic.

Tires are a significant part of any locomotory object. If any part of your vehicle gets damaged, you can drive your car or run your bike, but you could not move your vehicle if the tires got hurt. In this article, we are going through many ways of how to slash tires?

First of all, you must know what slashing is actually?

What is slashing a tire?

As the name implies, slashing a tire means deflation of tire or deep and sharp cut by using the slasher tools like knife, awl, pricker, blades, etc.

It often happens purposely .there are many situations in life when you face the need to slash someone′s tire either it′s for a good purpose or maybe wrong somehow. If someone continuously follows you or feels a little suspicious about someone, you don’t have to panic in this situation; slash their tire for your self-defense .while. On the other side, what’s the wrong purpose for slashing tires? For that, you must read this article carefully; we will discuss how to flatten tires quickly and quietly and many tips and tricks of how to pop someone′s tire.

How To Slash/Puncture Tires in 2022

How to flatten someone′s tire quickly and quietly:

The best way to pop a tire is by causing a cut at sidewalls because it is the most essential and thinnest part of the tire. If you made a horizontal slash, maybe it′s of good use to make sure you don’t want any unwanted public attraction by causing the tire’s bursting noise. Popping a tire cause loud noise the secret you must follow is to deflate the tire by valve system first, so here the question arises is it loud when you slash a tire? So when a tire starts deflating, ‘pshhhhhhhh’ sound produces. This sound is generated due to rushing out of the air at high pressure, but you should not slash an old tire because it may explode. It usually takes hours to deflate a tire entirely, depending on the vehicle. The tire of heavy vehicles takes more time to reduce.

 Suppose you want to slash a tire speedily and quietly. In that case, you need to have some sharp-pointed object to flatten a tire without someone knowing, for example, a utility knife, not a particular household knife. It is because tires are composed of thick and hard rubber, you cannot easily cut them. You can also use a retractable box cutter with a safety blade .there are many slasher tools available in markets nowadays like piercer, awl, bodkin, pricker, prod, icepick,  bradawl, etc . let′s get back to the process of how to pop a tire?

How does a slashed tire look like?

 Indeed the person who slashed your tire is trying his best to make a flattened tire look like an accident, but somehow it leaves some tire scoring marks. When they use a pocket knife small cut is visible with an unaided eye, although magnifying glasses may prove helpful to identify tire slashing marks. Many types of the knife are utilized to slash tire cutlery, or pocket knives cause smaller holes while chef knives cause a little big hole. It depends on the wideness of the blade. These holes are like a narrow diamond shape.

How does a slashed tire look like?

Punctures may look like an acute triangle .knife cuts are usually more uniform and clean .sharp knife flattened a tire within few seconds. Ice picks are also used to slash tires. It causes perfect round holes. Although road debris also causes damage to the tires’ sidewalls, all these marks leave behind, which I mentioned earlier, shows that it was not an accident. Some people also use nails to flattened the tire. But it takes a little long to flattened the tire completely, maybe a few hours. It may be like a  ″slow poison″. Generally speaking, it’s easy to put nails inside tires, especially with your bare hands; it’s not possible at all.               

  • So, they may use a hammer to jam the nails into the sidewalls of your tire, but as I told you earlier, it takes time, and they may get caught.
  • In that case, they place the nail upside down, so the car’s weight causes nasty deeds to them. However, it’s a preferable method.

Why do people slash tires?

There may be many reasons why people slash your tires. It may be because that person doesn’t like you or maybe they don’t like the way you parked your car. Perhaps you made them mad somehow, or they may be jealous of your lifestyle; maybe your jealous ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend did this on purpose or want to get some revenge from you. I think only retarded people do this immature cowardice act. Because they don’t dare to face you, so they cause this fuss in anger to resolve their differences. They are′nt usually brave, so they did this childish act of being violent with minimal chances of getting caught. Sometimes a punk is just a punk, after all.

Why only stab three tires:

it is usually due to insurance coverage purposes. If you have slashed all four tires, only then will insurance cover it. If less than four tires are slashed, no insurance coverage occurs for tire replacement. So if you bought an expensive car, you must make sure to have comprehensive insurance of tires because this insurance will cover any amount of slashed tires, whether it’s four or less than four. Civilians do not use slash proof. Still, you cannot slash military tires by knife puncture because the tire rubber′s thickness is thicker than the ordinary one.

Why only stab three tires

Can you go to jail for flattening tires?

It’s the most critical question that you must think about before popping tires. There are higher chances of being arrested if you get caught doing this act of vandalism. It does not matter whether you succeed in your action or not. It’s usually a misdemeanor. Every state has different rules about car slashing, but you might get arrested on the spot if you had a criminal record earlier. If you go to a court, you may have to pay an obscene amount of money depending on the cost of damage of tires/ car and 90 days behind bars. So it would help if you thought twice before doing these heinous acts to get into legal actions later, .so we will recommend you to use this for self-defense purposes.

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If you read all this article now, you would know that slashing someone′s tires for evil deeds is no good to you. If you hold a grudge against someone and want to cut tires, it may lead you to jail or lead to probation. So we suggest that you don’t stain your records by doing these immoral acts as it destroys someone’s property while it’s not bad if you used it for your self-defense. Nothing beats a friendly attitude! The best place to start is to put a smile on your face. Nobody says no to smile, nobody.

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