Top Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2022

It’s important to choose a motorcycle helmet designed by an industry leader in the motorcycle helmet industry while you’re looking for a new bike. When you choose a reputable manufacturer with a track record for producing the safest and most technologically advanced helmets, you can be confident. You should select a helmet that is not only safe but also comfortable. Moreover, it will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your trip. So always choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands that proves itself the best companion in every type of severe condition.

However, since riding has increased in popularity, you have dozens of options to choose from, making it challenging to determine which brand can deliver all the features you want.

The list below contains the top 10 helmet brands in the industry, which earned the highest safety rating, and the differences that make them stand out from the competition.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

We’ve compiled a list of the companies leading the field in helmet technology while offering protection and comfort that let you enjoy riding longer while also keeping you cool. Many helmet brands lead the way, but only a handful of them manufacture helmets that offer all the features of protection, breathability, anti-fog technological innovation, comfort, and style.

1 – Shoei

Tokyo is the headquarters of the Japanese motorcycle helmet company. These helmets are known for being comfortable and breathable. Since 1959, they’ve been manufacturing them. Their carbon fiber helmets were the first to go on the market, and they also use Kevlar in their helmet designs. They offer one of the quietest motorcycle helmets in the market, the Shoei GT-Air 2 Solid.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

The company is not particularly large but still manages to blow away the competition. Furthermore, it has become extremely popular among riders who value durable materials and excellent designs. Its helmets are known for being durable and safe and are backed by a five-year warranty.

Further, even if you’re flying at top speeds, their helmets offer noise reduction capabilities. It means riders do not have to wear earplugs for wind noise reduction on their bike. A pivot locking system that can rotate 360 degrees is also standard on many of their helmets.

The helmets of motorcyclists also usually have an internal sun visor. It helps to protect against the sun and extreme temperatures. Having products in various colors, sizes, and fits allows potential buyers to choose a helmet that suits their needs. These helmets are pretty expensive than competing brands, so they are not an ideal choice for riders on a tight budget.

2 – HJC

A primary focus of the company’s work is manufacturing motorcycle helmets, which they’ve been doing since the 1970s. However, despite their popularity worldwide, they remain a leading manufacturer in America. They offer affordable, stylish, and comfortable products that help to keep this brand popular over the years.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

There is a comprehensive selection of helmets in different price ranges. The company identifies the best ventilation systems, aerodynamics, and noise-cancellation features through intense testing.

They have utilized innovative testing methods to provide safety and comfort to riders throughout the years. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Moreover, they are available to fit heads of all sizes and shapes.

 The company’s models consist of a wide range of earplugs that helps to reduce unwanted noise. In addition to a rear exhaust ventilation system, their helmets offer unparalleled breathability.

3 – Bell

Another best motorcycle helmet brand is Bell. Movie stars used the Bell helmet for several decades, and it is well known. Back in 1971, The Bell company is also famous for producing the first full-face helmet.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Today, most leading motocross racers still use their helmets because they are both functional and stylish. It currently makes 34 helmets, including half-face, full-face, and thermoplastic helmets on the market. Beautifully designed and highly comfortable helmets are part of their reputation for attention to detail.

The helmets feature large padding and top-of-the-line ventilation systems, and lightweight designs that make them more comfortable to wear.

A quick-release shield is included on their helmets, making them unique compared to their competitors. Apart from motorcycle helmets, they also manufacture bicycle helmets. These helmets are also safe and comfortable.

There are helmets from this brand that are suitable for normal riding, as well as off-road riding. Its helmets are DOT and SNELL-certified and come with a lifetime warranty. The company provides a wide range of riding styles for its products.

A dedicated line of helmets made exclusively for women is another unique feature of this company. Many of their helmets lack adequate padding, which is one of the most significant drawbacks. Seams and stitching can also cause problems for some models, which can be uncomfortable.

It is also possible that some of those helmets are heavier than average full-face models. Moreover, It is a disadvantage for riders seeking a helmet that you will wear for several hours each day during a cross-country adventure.

4 – Arai

Arai is another famous Japanese helmet manufacturer company.  The quality of each helmet is regularly monitored throughout the production process. It’s pretty impressive that these helmets are handcrafted.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

After the helmet shell has been assembled, a test is conducted, followed by a second test after the helmet has been painted. When the helmets are prepared for packaging, the final test is conducted. The helmets also pass SNELL tests and have a good reputation.

A large amount of padding and a ventilation system makes each helmet comfortable. The comfortable design of these helmets makes them famous for their ability to reduce wind noise. The lightweight and comfortable design make them easy to carry and use.

The chin wind deflector of many of these sunglasses works immediately to cut out the wind. There are no competing brands that offer this feature. Nevertheless, their helmets are relatively expensive, so they aren’t an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable option.

5 – Nolan

Nolan is also a top helmet motorcycle brand that makes premium quality and long-lasting helmets. This company has been manufacturing helmets since 1973. They exceed DOT safety requirements, making them the safest on the market. They’re extremely affordable and sophistically designed. Each helmet includes an impressive five-year warranty.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Their full-face models are also more comfortable than those offered by other brands, as they are lightweight and include vents that increase the helmet’s breathability and comfort. In addition, they manufacture pin lock shields that offer better visibility and a broader field of view.

A modular helmet that keeps up with the latest technology is the most widely available. There are usually only clear face shield models available, but it is better to choose smoke shield models for day riding.

The helmets come with specially designed ear covers that will reduce wind noise, making these helmets noise-free. You must remove the entire lining to remove them, which could pose a potential safety risk for riders.

6 – AGV

The company AGV makes some of the best motorcycle helmets in history. With AGV helmets, you can rest assured that they are structurally sound. New from AGV Sport Helmets, the K-1 sports a cool new appearance. Biker helmets are designed to withstand the daily challenges that they face. 

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

It’s impossible to rival open-air riding’s enchanting experience. AGV helmets are a great way to guarantee your safety during such enthralling bike rides. The front vents on the helmets are designed specifically for racing; they make the helmets aerodynamic. The wind tunnel spoiler ensures maximum performance at high speeds.

A pin lock system for the visor of their helmets ensures the clarity of vision and prevents scratches. Further, the visor offers a wide field of view, giving riders a clear perspective against the rear and sideways. Various thermoplastic resins used in its exterior shell and it bonded into two different sizes with an EPS structure.

A washable liner and an easy-remove button make cleaning their helmets a simple process. It is easy to remove the line for cleaning in just a few moments. In addition, these carbon fiber-made helmets are incredibly lightweight. These helmets will provide an enjoyable riding experience for long distances. With these helmets, you can travel on long road trips without feeling tired. It is a comfort that comes second in importance to bikers after safety, and AGV does not leave room for complaint

7 – Icon

The Icon helmet company introduced several groundbreaking designs for motorbike helmets. Manufacturers such as Icon manufacture helmets that stand out in the crowd. The Icon company does not design helmets for the racers. You are going to chase traffic away during rush hours with an Icon helmet.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

An injection-molded polycarbonate shell covers the Icon. It depends entirely on the size that you choose for the helmet that you want to wear. Dual-density EPS adds strength to the model to withstand impacts. Their helmets are mainly available in 3 shell sizes so that the majority of people can find the right size. In addition to the proportionate cheek padding, they use lightweight materials for their helmets.

The Icon helmets provide excellent ventilation. The vents are the only thing that receives fresh air from the holes in the visor. EPS channels are connected with two vents on the brow. The exhaust vent is incorporated into the spoiler of the helmet to eliminate hot air.

On the Icon Airlifte helmet, there is a high-visibility visor. Therefore, the helmet provides a good view. It is easier to ride on the road on gray or rainy days. The European weather is suitable for these kinds of visors. In addition, there is a small slider on the side to operate the visor. It is easy to remove the visor with the help of the helmet’s convenience.

8 – Scorpion

The price of the best motorcycle helmet brand Scorpion is according to the customer’s budget. You will find a Double D-Ring closure on the chin strap for the two points of fastening.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

It is because the shell design makes sure that no noise can get to your ears. The helmets of this brand are incredibly lightweight, so you are less likely to become fatigued while using them. Interior padding soaks up moisture, which makes the helmet more comfortable. A third new feature is the Ellip-Tec II Ratchet System that allows a protected and straightforward change of the shield.

They offer a single chin vent with three passageways. One of these vents can be located in the mouth, and another vent is built into the helmet. An adjustable slider allows you to move the chin vent. In case of emergency, a release system will remove the pads quickly. Its polycarbonate structure is Snell certified.

Its anti-microbial KwikWick II fabric keeps you cool and dries regardless of the weather. It is hard to damage the surface of the field since it is coated with a hard coating.

9 – Shark

Despite a bad crash, the shark provides decent protection. In addition, the chin bar remains locked even if a person is injured.  It passed numerous tests and gained a good result. They launched their helmet in the market, and it achieves tremendous success.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

The performance of flip-up helmets regarding noise reduction is surprising, even if they don’t have a good reputation. A part of the helmet called the chin curtain helps lower noise. However, we recommend that you wear earplugs with it to prevent your eardrums from damaging.

A toggle switch controls both the chin and forehead vents on their helmet. Even wearing gloves, you can use this switch with just a little practice, even though it is small and easy to operate.

In addition to moving air to the chin region, the visor’s chin vent also ensures the rear aspect is kept cool. A polystyrene lining contains channels that deliver air from a forehead vent. The top best motorcycle helmet brands come with air vents that pull the air from through shock-absorbing lining.

Final Thoughts

Finally, read the best motorcycle helmet brand guide to capable yourself of purchasing durable, long-lasting motorcycle helmets. Compared to less expensive brands, the best motorcycle helmets have more options in a wide diversity of price brackets, shapes, and sizes. The companies that our team has chosen have become leaders in the industry over the years. Moreover, these companies are famous for their superior quality, innovative designs, and attention to detail.

These top brands can stand out from the competition that offers much better value to their potential buyers. In addition to that, they also provide safer, more comfortable, and highly breathable helmets to ensure the best possible protection in case of an accident.

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