How to Drill Out Ignition Lock Cylinder – Step by Step

Losing your car key can be a frustrating and stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for your vehicle. In this article, we will explore the process of how to drill out ignition lock cylinder, as well as other options for bypassing the lock and starting your car without a key.

One option for gaining access to your car when you’ve lost your key is to drill out the ignition lock cylinder. However, drilling out a lock should be considered a last resort, as it can cause significant damage to your car.

We will also discuss the tools and techniques you’ll need to successfully drill out ignition lock, and the potential risks and consequences of doing so.

Whether you’ve lost your key or are just looking for a backup plan, this article will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about how to access your vehicle.

Tools required to drill out the ignition lock cylinder 

  • Screwdriver
  • Hardened drill bits
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Pliers

How to Drill out Ignition Lock Cylinder When The Key Will Not Turn: Step by Step

Below are the steps to drill out a lock cylinder, such as the ignition lock cylinder, with precision and safety:

1. Removing the battery terminal and steering wheel column shrouds

Take the negative wire terminal off of the battery. Take out the screws that hold the shrouds on the car’s steering wheel column together. Two of them are close to the steering wheel, and the other two are close to the dashboard.

2. Accessing the ignition lock cylinder

Take out the screws that hold the lower and upper steering wheel column shrouds in place.

The lock on the ignition lock cylinder can be reached. In theory, the ignition lock cylinder could be taken off at this point. To do this, take out the pin that holds it in the lock on the side.

You can do this by tapping a thin hour screwdriver with a small hammer. If the pin won’t come out, use a thin drill bit to gently drill out the caster.

3. Removing the ignition switch

If you want to take off the ignition lock cylinder before you change the lock, unscrew the bolts that hold it in place first.

Since their heads are cut off, this should be done with a hammer and chisel. Loosen them a little, and then use the pliers to take them off. Take off the bracket and the ignition switch from the steering column, and then remove the electrical connector.

4. Removing the ignition relay

Unscrew the screw that holds the ignition relay in place, pull it out from under the panel, and unplug the connector. Remove the “mass” wire from the relay.

Loosen the self-tapping screw with a screwdriver, squeeze the latch, and pull the cover and contact group off. Now you’ve taken the ignition switch off.

5. Replacing the lock cylinder and reassembling the ignition switch

Take off the steering wheel from the lock on the ignition lock cylinder, as shown in step 2, change it. Turning the ignition key will let you see how the lock works with the new ignition lock cylinder.

Put the ignition switch in place in the opposite order. Put the steering column back in place. Don’t forget to hook the terminal up to the battery. Check the car’s ignition switch and any other electrical parts.

How to drill out ignition lock cylinder, without key dodge

It’s time to replace the ignition lock cylinder if turning the key doesn’t immediately start the automobile, and there’s no obvious issue with the starter.

1. Taking the Battery Out

The first step is to disconnect the battery’s negative cable. Next, detach the covers from each side of the column housing the steering wheel.

2. Take out the Wheel

Pull the cover’s middle tab for steering wheel adjustment bolts. Unplug the horn and remove the steering wheel nut and washer. Remove the hub and wheel. Pull indicator switches and wipers.

3. Take off the Sleeve

Once the wiper and indicator switches have been taken off, the spacer sleeve may be slid up the steering column and removed.

4. Take out the starter

Loosen the tabs holding the ignition switch in place and pull it out. Before you remove the ignition switch, be sure the cables have been unplugged.

5. Separate the bolts that hold it to the wall

Unscrew the switch body and the switch assembly that is holding the cylinder using a screwdriver or socket wrench.

The lock cylinders in most cars are universal lock cylinders and easily interchangeable. Universal lock cylinders are designed to fit multiple makes and models of vehicles, making them a versatile option when drilling out the ignition lock cylinder.

Simply inserting a pin into the hole will trigger the release mechanism and allow for their removal.

6. Complete the work

After inserting the core key, depress the retaining pin with the screwdriver. Remove the lock cover cylinder by turning the ignition key ten degrees clockwise. Pulling the key carefully removes the cylinder. Key reversal prevents cylinder removal.

Asked Questions

Can you drill out a lock cylinder?

Yes, a ignition lock cylinder can be drilled out. Drilling a lock cylinder is a way of gaining entry to a vehicle when the key is lost or stolen.

Drilling out a lock cylinder, on the other hand, should be regarded a last choice since it might do severe damage to the vehicle.

Make sure the drill chuck is tight enough to hold the drill bit securely, but not too tight to cause damage while drilling out the ignition lock cylinder.

Drilling a ignition cylinder allows only access to the inside of the vehicle it does not circumvent the ignition mechanism.

It is essential to have the proper equipment and procedures, as well as to exercise extreme caution to prevent injuring the vehicle.

How do you drill a lock out of a car?

One of the most important steps in drilling out the ignition lock cylinder is properly securing the drill bit in the drill chuck.

Drilling out an automobile ignition lock cylinders entails drilling a tiny hole in the middle of the lock cylinder using a drill and a small drill bit.

Carefully align the drill bit with the center of the ignition lock cylinder, and engage the drill motor. The drill speed should be set to a high level to effectively drill out the ignition lock cylinder.

After drilling the hole, a lock-picking kit may be used to attempt to turn the lock. If the lock would not turn, use needle-nose pliers to remove it from the automobile.

Before drilling, find the lock, which is usually placed on the car’s steering column, and collect the appropriate equipment, which include a cordless drill, a tiny drill bit, a lock-picking kit, and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

How do you bypass an ignition cylinder?

To bypass an ignition lock cylinder, try manipulating the lock from the inside using a lock pick or a similar tool.

This procedure is not always effective and may result in vehicle damage. Another option is to use a keyless entry system, which is now standard in many new automobiles.

This function enables the driver to start the automobile using a keyless remote, however it’s crucial to remember that both ways are unsafe and may cause harm to the vehicle if not done properly. For expert assistance, call a locksmith or the dealership.

How do you turn an ignition without a key?

There are various methods for starting a car without a key. One method is to modify the lock from the inside using a lock pick or a similar instrument.

Another method is to employ a keyless entry system, which is standard in many current vehicles. With this function, the driver may start the automobile with a keyless remote. Another alternative is to get a new key from a locksmith or the dealership.

However, each option has risks that might damage the car if not done properly. Thus, professional help is best.

Final Thoughts

After losing your car key, drilling out the ignition lock cylinder is the final option.

Drilling an ignition lock cylinder will damage your car, not bypass it. Drilling out the ignition lock cylinder requires monitoring and adjusting drill speed to prevent overheating the drill bit.

Call a locksmith or dealership to replace your car key. Locksmiths can unlock car locks safely. The dealership may have keys or reset your keyless remote.

Keyless ignition systems work without a key. Keyless remotes start modern cars using this technology.

Always weigh pros and cons before choosing. Drill an ignition lock cylinder with great care as a last resort. Read on some othe problems and how to solve such as unlock Steering Wheel Without Key.

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