How to Jack Up a Car Without Jack?

There are some moments when we have to be smart while doing the task. We may find ourselves helpless and alone in some conditions, but we must know how to deal with such situations. You may have heard about the issues during traveling. The usual problem during traveling is unexpected engine problems or tire punctures. What will you do in such a situation? It’s a pretty perplexing and heart-wrenching situation where you find no car mechanic or car workshop nearby where you can bring your car for repair.

Usually, people don’t have prepared for such situations. They set up for the long route drive without a tool kit, spare tire, or jack. Have you ever faced such a condition where you have to tackle your car’s problem on your own without a jack? If yes! Then it would be best if you had an idea about how difficult it is to manage such a situation to go under the car or change the flat burst tire without a jack.

But don’t worry, we will prepare you by guiding you on how you can change the tire without a tire jack! There is no complexity in changing the tire or going under the car without a jack. If you follow the instructions mentioned below, it will be child’s play to jack up the jack without a jack.

How to Jack Up a Car Without Jack?

Why do Need to Jack Up a Car?

As we have mentioned above, there are some conditions where we have to lift the car around 1 foot to 2-3 meters. But usually, we have to face the significant challenge that is most common is the changing of the tire.

The old and flat tires deflate or get punctured if not appropriately maintained. There are also high chances of their bursting during the journey. Hence, to avoid any incident, it is better to change the old flat tire.

How to change the tire without using Jack?

Let’s discuss the process of changing the flat tire of your car without using a jack. So, you are on a deserted road where you don’t have anyone to help, and you don’t have your tire jack with you? Now, what will you be going to do? Will you Scream, cry, look for some miracle or find the solution? If you know these tactics of changing the tire without using the jack, you will quickly overcome the frustrating situation. We are mentioning some ways which you can adopt against this condition. Following are the tips and methods that you can opt-in dealing with the problem:

Making a Ramp:

You can make a ramp for such conditions, which is much more efficient and reliable than a plastic jack. You can make it by yourself if you follow the below-mentioned steps. There is nothing complex in making a ramp.

Making a Ramp
  • First, you have to cut the pieces of your required length that how long would you like to lift your car. The measurements may vary from 12″-48″. But keep the size of your tire and auto in mind. If your tire is 35″, you must design a ramp that fits according to it.
  • It would be best if you beveled the edges at an angle of 45 degrees between the steps. As you need to lift the ramp, there are steps in which you achieve a certain level.
  • Now join the steps by attaching screws. But be careful that you don’t break the boards while joining the efforts with the screws.
  • Attach the ramp with the stoppers that will help it from slipping while doing its job. You can use any rubber material as a stopper.

Digging Method:

The second method that we can use is the digging method

  • All you need to do is to bring the car to such a place where there is soft soil around it
  • Now pull the hand brake so that the vehicle will not move or slip from its position.
  • Now start digging a few inches. You can use anything feasible, whether a stick, rod, or your hands. Make sure that you search around the tire you want to change.
  • Now remove the nuts and pull out the tire from the dig. And replace it with a new tire.
Digging Method

Level Lifting Method:

We will not recommend you this method if there is no one to help you!

  • It would be best if you had a block for this method has a large that will act as the fulcrum.
  • Then it would be best if you had a solid iron rod.
  • You will place the iron rod under the car close by passing it over from the block.
  • Now you will apply load on one side of the rod to lift the car. It is like a see-saw phenomenon. But you need to make sure that you must not apply much force that will flip the vehicle away, nor you have to use too low power.

How to Change a Tire on a Car

Following are the steps that will help you in changing the tire of car:

How to Change a Tire on a Car
  • First, you need to go to a safe place.
  • Then it would be best if you turned on your indicating lights that symbolize hazards.
  • You need to lift the hand brake.
  • Then you need to place the bricks or stone under the tire, so they don’t move from their position.
  • Then remove the wheel cap so you can remove the nuts.
  • Start losing the nuts.
  • Now make sure that your tire is 1-2 feet high from the surface level. And also, check the balance level.
  • Now remove the nuts from the wheel.
  • Remove the tire.
  • Put on the new tire.
  • Retighten the nuts
  • Attach the wheel cap.
  • And start lowering your car if you are using a jack or performed anyway as mentioned above except digging method.
  • Now check the pressure on your new tire.
  • If it is ok, then you can run your car.

How does a Jack make it easier in lifting the car?

 A jack is an essential tool if you want to change the flat tire of your car in case of an emergency. It prevents you from any mechanical effort and doesn’t let your body bear the load of lifting the vehicle. Moreover, it requires less effort and saves time. Otherwise, you have to find an appropriate size block or some stiffed rod to lift the car, which is quite challenging at the hour of need. So that is how a jack is helpful and makes the tire changing process a lot easier for you by lifting your car!

Is it Safe to Jack Up one Side of the Car?

We recommend you not to do so if the surface is uneven. Because the surface is not smooth or slippery, your car might slip or fall, leading to damage to its shape and body. Moreover, it can injure the person who is changing the tire as the instant falling of the car doesn’t allow the person to save himself. Hence you need to check first about the surrounding surface whether it will enable you to jack up one side of the car or not?

Is it Safe to Jack Up one Side of the Car

Where Should You not Jack Up the Car?

You should avoid jacking up the car in traffic areas. It is wise to push your vehicle to the side of the road where there is less traffic, and your repairing process doesn’t cause hindrance in the flow of traffic. Moreover, try to lift the car from the center instead of lifting the vehicle from one side.

Video Tutorial of Changing Tire Without Jack

Do you still have any questions or queries regarding the process? Well, don’t worry at all because we are here to serve you in every manner. We have included a video tutorial to understand the process and steps better, so you don’t get confused while following the steps.

But you have to take care that you watch the video without skipping any part. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to understand the procedure! So here is the link:

Are You Ready to Change Your Tire Without Jack?

Have you gone through the article thoroughly and observed the complete video? If yes! Then congratulations that you have successfully learned the process of how to jack up the car without a jack. Now you are completely aware and prepared to tackle such situations in an emergency where you don’t have tools or help.

You may claim that you don’t know before reading the article, but now you have the complete information. So ready to face the challenges all alone?

Last Words:

We want to conclude here! That is all from our side. We have tried to make this article a single platform where you can find the answers to all your queries and questions and so you don’t have to wander here and there in looking for the information. A hot thanks from our side for reading the article!

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