How To Make Motorcycle Helmets Fit Better

If you plan to ride a motorcycle, make sure you have a helmet. A motorcycle helmet should not only be worn but should also fit you properly on your head. The importance of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is not taken seriously by many people, especially adults. We will guide you here on How To Make Motorcycle Helmets Fit Better

If you are involved in an accident or crash, the helmet will protect your skull, your jawbones, and your head.

How To Make Motorcycle Helmets Fit Better

There is always a risk of injury for racers there, especially. Thus, it needs to fit properly and be appropriate for your head size. In addition to protecting the jawline and neck from injuries, they are also used to prevent back injuries. Materials used in helmets keep your head safe without compression and impact, as well as reducing the chance of injury.

Helmets are getting better with the advent of modern technologies and techniques. Their design makes riding them a pleasure. Air vents are present so that the rider can breathe freely while putting on the helmet and does not feel suffocated. A motorcycle helmet can be made to fit better on your head if you’re interested in getting the most out of it.

A helmet that perfectly fits you is extremely difficult to find. There are different types, sizes, shapes available on the market.

A helmet’s size and shape can also vary, the same as a person’s head. Though they might look alike from the outside, these helmets are all fitted differently on the inside. There are individuals with round oval heads, those with intermediate oval heads, and individuals with long oval heads.

When you ride a bike, it may be unsafe for you to wear a helmet with loose fittings since the helmet moves around easily. You may experience discomfort from wearing a helmet with tight fittings. A challenging aspect is also getting it on and off.

If you know how you can adjust the fit of your helmet according to your head size. To make sure the motorcycle helmet fits better on your head, follow these steps before purchasing it.


The first reason is that many riders choose helmets based on their looks and then assume they will fit. Typically, I would recommend that you select the right size for a stylish and elegant look.

As you become accustomed to your helmet, you will begin to see it move on its own. When we realize this, it is too late. When that happens, what will you do? A helmet should fit smoothly and snugly, and not move side to side while on your head.


Your head’s size can be determined by measuring it. Measure an inch above your eye area with a measuring tape in an almost horizontal position. Perhaps you should take another and third measurements. Once that’s done, compare it to a helmet fitment chart to see which helmet will better match your head size or be within a few millimeters.

Depending on your measurements, you may want to choose the smaller size. A helmet’s website will usually provide a fit chart. Additionally, you can also use sizing pads in order to ensure that the helmet fits you more comfortably.


It is much easier to slide the crown of your head into the helmet first so you can make your motorcycle helmet fit better versus trying to get your entire head inside the helmet all at once. It’s possible that, while looking at that helmet, you think it’s too small, but when you put it on your head, it seems like just the right size.

After you start to wear a helmet its fit will get slack after some weeks of wearing.

  • Do you have a comfortable fit in your helmet?
  • You can touch the cheek pads on the helmet?
  • Can you feel the padding on the top of your head when you wear the helmet?


Thirdly, you should know that side straps are the most important factor in making a motorcycle helmet fit better.

The straps and the earbuds will form a Y shape with the Y tied under the ear. You can easily readjust these straps. You should tight the rubber strap until you feel comfortable.

If you are wearing a helmet, you should have the straps adjusted. Whenever you wear a helmet, it is imperative that you are comfortable.

The openings of helmets are also getting smaller to reduce wind noise and increase safety with better methods and innovations. Put some force behind pulling the chin strap apart to get your head into the helmet.


A helmet that fits you well should also have chin straps. You should make sure that there is only one finger between your chin and the helmet after you put it on. It should fit you comfortably, so resize it accordingly. Pull chin straps, rather than their covers, to avoid any damage to them.


As a final note, adjusting the fit of your helmet by placing it on your head and moving it side to side and up and down will prevent it from moving around or sliding on your head. If the sprocket is loose, the ride will be problematic.

Rotate your helmet from the back and front of your head after putting it on and tightening its straps.

You should have found the one that fits you best once you have completed the aforementioned steps without taking it off.


After reading how to make motorcycle helmets fit better guide, you will become enough experience to purchase the best motorcycle helmet that fits your head. It is first and foremost that helmets serve the purpose of ensuring safety and protection for most riders. In the event of an accident or crash, the helmet should save you from serious injuries.

Even before purchasing, one should try helmets as they are available to do at their outlets for at least half an hour. Just a final word of advice. Do not hesitate to replace your helmet if ever you discover it’s getting old or no longer fits correctly. When it comes to safety, whatever the situation, always put safety first.

You will know that it fits better with this when you put your helmet on every time?

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