How to Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford – In 5 Steps

The ambient temperature sensor in your Ford is critical to ensuring a pleasant driving experience. Our objective is to assist you in how to reset ambient temperature sensor Ford so you can resume driving in comfort in your Ford car.

It monitors the outside temperature and feeds it to the climate control system, which changes the temperature inside the car to match the temperature outdoors. This sensor, however, may malfunction or become improperly calibrated over time, resulting in false temperature readings and unpleasant driving.

Resetting the ambient temperature sensor might be a fast and straightforward remedy in this instance. We will show you how to reset the ambient temperature sensor on your Ford car in this post.

We’ll go through the processes for resetting the sensor and answer commonly asked questions regarding it, such as how to reset ambient temperature sensor, and how to check the ambient air temperature sensors.

What is ambient temperature sensor?

In generally, it is a sensor that allows truck AC system to flow air dependent on the outside temperature.

The ambient temperature sensor is installed in most modern vehicles. It is an integral part of the climate control or on-board computer systems.

Ambient air temperature data is received and displayed on the instrument panel, the display panel of the on-board computer or the climate control system.

Some vehicles are not equipped directly with an ambient temperature sensor, but there is a connector for its additional connection to the on-board equipment, standard installation place.

Purpose of the ambient temperature sensors

It is designed primarily for drivers who travel long distances or for long periods of time:

  • Truckers.
  • Couriers.
  • Postal services.
  • Passenger carriers.
  • Travelers, etc.

During a long trip, the temperature outside the vehicle can change by significant amounts.

If the driver or passengers intend to get out of the car, even for a short time, information about the air temperature will not be superfluous in order to dress accordingly.

For example, you can get information on airliners such as “temperature overboard negative 30 °F”, although no one is going for a walk there for sure.

What is the normal ambient temperature?

The ideal temperature range is between 67 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where is the ambient temperature sensor located?

The ambient temperature sensor placement was chosen to minimize the infiltration of moisture, dust, dirt, and water from approaching air streams while reducing the effect of the car’s own heat sources. Ambient temperature sensor usually located right behind the bumper or in the side rear-view mirror.

If you install the ambient temperature sensor yourself, you must follow these guidelines as well. If there is no housing for the ambient temperature sensor, you should create one. The gadget will not produce reliable readings if it is not put in a protective housing.

How to Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford: Step by Step

Resetting the ambient temperature sensor in your Ford car may be the answer if you are having inaccurate temperature readings.

The instructions below show how to reset ambient temperature sensor Ford, a method that may quickly and effectively restore your climate control system’s normal working.

Following these steps is an excellent place to start if you are having problems with temperature readings or just want to confirm that your vehicle’s system is operating correctly.

1. Locate the ambient temperature sensor

Typically, Ford ambient temperature sensor is situated in the front of the car, either in the grille or near the radiator.

It may be positioned beneath the hood, near the windshield, in certain Ford vehicles. It is usually a tiny, circular gadget that is attached to your vehicle’s electrical harness.

2. Disconnect the battery

To reset ambient temperature sensor, you must first remove the battery. This may be accomplished by either disconnecting the battery cable or removing the negative cable using a tool.

Removing the battery is critical because the vehicle’s system retains information about the sensor, and disconnecting the battery will wipe this information and enable the system to reset.

3. Wait for 10 minutes

Wait at least 10 minutes after unplugging the battery. This will enable the vehicle’s system to fully reset and remove any previously saved data.

During this period, it is critical not to press any buttons or turn the key in the ignition, since doing so may cause the car to start and reset the system before the 10 minutes are over.

4. Reconnect the battery

Reconnect the battery cable or negative cable. The vehicle’s system should now be reset and ready to use.

5. Test the sensor

To inspect the effectiveness of the car’s ambient temperature sensor, you should start the engine and let it run for a while. Verify the dashboard’s temperature readings to make sure they’re accurate.

The sensor may need to be changed if the readings remain unreliable. If you entered the right parameters, your car’s climate control system should now be functional.

Symptoms of a faulty ambient temperature sensor

Incorrect readings are the most common symptom of faulty sensor. The simplest approach to verify the temperature reading is in the morning, when the vehicle is still cold and readings cannot be tampered with.

Look at the thermometer outside the window, then walk down to the vehicle, switch on the engine, and check the temperature inside. Then start the engine, warm it up, and drive for around 1-2 miles while taking the temperature readings.

Water or dirt may have gotten into the ambient temperature sensor if the temperature changes quickly. In a garage or parking lot, switch off the ignition, remove the sensor connection, and dismantle it.

Next, remove it from the housing, assess its condition, and clean it with a soft cloth soaked in a non-corrosive solvent if necessary.

Check engine light activates

The check engine light will be one of the first indications you notice, and it will glow momentarily.

When a sensor circuit fails, it triggers the check engine light to alert the driver that maintenance is required.

Asked Questions

How do you reset the outside temperature sensor on a Ford?

Resetting the outside temperature sensor on a Ford is similar to reset ambient temperature sensor. Locate the sensor, which is usually in the front of the car in the grille or near the radiator.

Next, disconnect the battery by disconnecting the negative cable or by detaching the battery cable with a tool. Allow at least ten minutes for the vehicle’s system to fully reset. Then, reconnect the battery and restart the car to put the sensor to the test.

Check the temperature readings on the dashboard to ensure the correctness of the measurements. If the readings continue to be inaccurate, the sensor may need to be replaced.

How do you reset the temperature sensor?

Resetting the temperature sensor in a Ford vehicle is a simple process that involves disconnecting the battery, waiting for a few minutes, and then reconnecting it.

The steps to reset the temperature sensor are as follows

  1. Locate the negative cable of the battery.
  2. Use a wrench or pliers to disconnect the cable.
  3. Wait for at least 10 minutes to allow the vehicle’s system to reset.
  4. Reconnect the negative cable of the battery.
  5. Start the vehicle to test the sensor.

By resetting the temperature sensor, you can ensure that the sensor is functioning correctly and providing accurate temperature readings to the climate control system.

How do I reset my ambient?

In Ford vehicles, the separate coolant temperature sensor, also known as the ambient air temperature sensor, measures the temperature of the engine coolant to adjust the engine’s operation accordingly.

To reset the ambient air temperature sensor, follow the steps listed above for resetting the car’s ambient temperature sensor.

Locate the sensor, disconnect the battery, wait for 10 minutes, and reconnect the battery.

Then, start the vehicle and test the sensor to see if the readings are accurate. If the readings are still not accurate, you may need to replace the sensor.

In addition, resetting the ambient temperature sensor in a Ford vehicle may also improve the performance of the air conditioning system.

The air conditioning system relies on accurate ambient temperature readings to regulate the cooling of the cabin.

How do you test an ambient air temperature sensor?

Start the car and let it run for a few minutes to test an ambient air temperature sensor. Check the temperature readings on the dashboard to ensure they are correct.

If the results are inaccurate, it might mean that the sensor is broken and has to be replaced.

If the values are correct, the sensor reset was successful, and the temperature control system in your car should be operational.


It is crucial to note that the accuracy of the readings may also be impacted by other variables, such as the placement of the sensor or the outside temperature, thus it is advised that the results be checked in varied settings to verify they are correct.


Finally, resetting the ambient temperature sensors in your Ford car may be a quick and easy remedy to inaccurate temperature readings and an unpleasant driving experience.

You may quickly and simply reset the sensor and confirm that your temperature control system is working correctly by following the instructions indicated in this article.

It is critical to note that if the measurements are still inaccurate after resetting the sensor, the sensor may need to be replaced.

In this case, it is best to speak with a trained technician or Ford dealership to fully evaluate the problem and guarantee that the repair is done appropriately.

Resetting the sensor is a good place to start if you’re having problems with erroneous temperature readings or just want to make sure your climate control system is working correctly.

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