How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150 – Step-by-Step Guide

One of the most annoying aspects of driving a car or truck is the battery light that stays on. Car battery lights indicate that you need to recharge the battery. Most ford owners may have a question: How to reset battery light on ford f150?

Although it’s annoying to have your car battery constantly blinking, it’s an essential feature that keeps your vehicle running. You need to know how to reset a car’s battery light so you can keep your car running safely.

You may buy the Ford F150 battery for a few hundred dollars and have it changed at a reputable repair facility.

There are several things that can drain a car’s battery, such as leaving it idling or not properly locking your doors. Over time, this can cause your car battery to lose power and cause the light to stay on.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to remedy this situation and keep your car’s lights on safely.

What is the Purpose of the Battery Light?

Car batteries usually die out because of insufficient care and age. Over time, weak batteries lose strength and can no longer maintain the car’s electrical system.

Drivers need to know how to reset battery light ford f150 after turning it on. This will help them diagnose the problem and update their appliances.

Also, replacing dead battery cells will extend the life of your car.

Charging battery when the engine starts

When the engine starts, the battery begins to charge. To accomplish this, insert the key into the ignition switch and spin it to activate the vehicle’s onboard power source. Turning it farther activates the starter motor relay, causing the engine to start.

When the engine is operating, if the battery charge indicator remains lit brightly or softly, the charging current from the alternator to the battery is not reaching the battery.

In this instance, the battery bears a whole load of delivering current to the users.

Common causes of battery light on

  • Battery. When starting a vehicle with a bad battery, it’s easy to identify the issue. However, a replacement battery is often necessary.
  • Alternator. Instead of replacing the faulty alternator, you should replace it with a new battery warning light-related one if the engine is running and the light comes on.
  • Battery Post Corrosion. This can be remedied by brushing or cleaning the battery’s terminals with a wire brush. Doing so will usually not cause any issues.

How to Reset Battery Light On Ford F150: Step-by-Step

A car battery light on monitors the DC charging system. Everything is normal if it does not glow when the engine is running. If it lights up, you should investigate.

1. Switching off power-consuming systems

If the battery warning light is illuminated, the battery charge is adequate to run the vehicle for a short distance.

In this instance, all systems other than the headlights must be turned off at night. This includes air conditioning, heating, and a variety of additional accessories.

2. Сar battery check

This may happen in the summer season. The pairings are created during regular operation in this situation.

It builds on the surface of the battery terminals. Remove the terminal cover to inspect for damage.

Examine the battery to see if there is any damage. You may see white or green powder after removing the battery terminals cover, which might indicate an issue with the battery’s conductivity. Wear protective gloves when exposing the terminals.

3. Keep in mind that the battery terminals are clean

Because maintaining healthful battery life is crucial, checking the battery terminals periodically is necessary. If any metal-to-metal contact is detected, discontinue use immediately and consult a professional.

Additionally, cleaning battery indicator lights when indicated is cheap insurance against future injury.

You can use household cleaners like toothpaste and lubricants that you can find around the house. You can also clean your teeth by brushing them with a toothbrush or filling your mouth with water.

4. Clamp the battery connections together

Make sure the terminals are firmly attached to the wires during cleaning. Clean the clamps and tighten any loose pieces using pliers or tools. We advise that you double-check the OEM command for your Ford F150.

5. Reset battery cables

Before attaching the flashlight to the battery, make sure the battery cables are fully charged. Connect the red wire to the starting relay to do this.

It is burnt out if it is melted and twisted, although occasionally simply twisting happens. You may have difficulty starting the vehicle if they are in poor shape.

6. It is necessary to charge the battery

If the battery is not charged on a regular basis, it will fail fast. Voltage regulator and alternators are two components or assemblies that are responsible for this.

We do not suggest utilizing a newly installed battery with a faulty alternator. This will permanently harm the new battery.

Immediately begin taking care of the battery and looking after the voltage with a low reading when this happens!

7. Replace the alternator belt

In order to run the alternator, the belt must be functional. This also applies to the engine timing pump and power steering mechanism.

A cracked or damaged battery will rapidly deplete the charge on the device. A professional mechanic can repair the battery system or replace the alternator belt for $110-$160.

8. Battery lights resetting

You must first gain access to the truck’s computer equipment in order to reset the battery sensor.

After disconnecting, return to the vehicle’s main screen to stream the battery charge. Finally, you may change settings such as battery temperature, charging system, voltage, and others.

If they are in poor condition, you may find it difficult to start the truck. Damaged battery cables supplying power should be checked.


How do you reset the battery light on Ford f150?

You need to remove the negative battery cable in order to reset the battery light on Ford F150. Switching on the headlights for 25 seconds should also reset the light. Reconnect the battery cable afterward and switch off the headlights to reset the engine control unit to its normal settings.

How do I reset my Ford battery system?

Regular battery maintenance is the best way to restore the Ford f150 battery life and light. If the vehicle’s alternator no longer charges the battery, the light will come on. This indicates that it’s time to charge the battery again.

How do you reset the battery light?

Turning off all systems in a vehicle is required for the battery light to reset. Turning off other car systems such as headlights, heating, music, and air conditioning also helps.

If you’re worried your car battery is damaged, remove the hood and inspect the connections. When opening the battery terminal, use protective gloves.

What causes the battery light to come on on a Ford F150?

If the battery light flashes come on a ford f150, the problem is most likely with the faulty alternator.

It is important to understand that the battery charging system indicator light, by its lighting, blinking, and other irregular glow, indicates simple problems.

For example, a single diode failure, a voltage regulator fault, or a loose drive belt. When a burning light is noticed, the source of the lack of battery charge must be identified and corrected.

Alternatively, you may need to replace your alternator or battery soon.

Video: How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150

In this video, you can watch how the OTC Encore can be used to do a late-model battery replacement, late-model Ford battery replacement, BCM replacement procedures, and a battery control module reset.


This article explains how to reset the Ford F150’s battery warning light. There might be several causes for your Ford F150’s battery warning light to illuminate.

By closely monitoring the dashboard, you will be able to identify problems with your vehicle’s operation early on and avoid serious consequences.

Unexpected failures in the onboard electrical system of a vehicle might have catastrophic repercussions. The lit control system self-diagnostic indication lights, including the illuminated battery charge indicator, must be responded to swiftly. Here is how to install a truck tool box without drilling

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