How To Reset Service Brake System Light Silverado

When a Chevy Silverado lights up its “Service Brake System” indicator light, it means there is a problem with the braking system. This is a significant issue since it affects the safety of the vehicle. This guide discusses what causes the light to display and how to reset service brake system light Silverado.

Taking care of your vehicle’s brake system helps minimize the chances of the light coming on in the first place. We’ll also provide helpful tips on how to do so.

This article provides new Chevy Silverado owners with crucial information about maintaining their vehicle’s brakes. Anyone who owns a vehicle would benefit from reading this.

What is a Service Brake System Light on a Silverado?

More often than not, the dashboard caution light that alerts you to service brake system light illuminates an alarming red hue (depending on the type of car), suggesting that there is a direct danger to the vehicle’s safety. It should not be overlooked.

Any time this light appears, it indicates that the braking system needs to be tuned up.

Low fluid levels, worn brake pads, or a faulty braking system component may be the cause.

A certified mechanic must investigate any brake malfunctions on the vehicle. They must then fix the problem and ensure proper function in the future.

What triggers the Silverado “Service Brake System” light?

Brake difficulties are signaled by a dashboard light on cars like the Chevy Silverado pickup. Worn brake pads, a broken pedal, or low brake fluid are common reasons of the service brake system light.

Understanding these aspects helps keep your car’s braking system running smoothly and keep you safer on the road.

1. The thickness of the brake pads is less than the minimum

In the worst-case situation, the friction coating sublayer of the brake pad will come into contact with the brake disc, and two metal surfaces – the brake disc and the pad carrier plate – will come into contact.

When it is worth replacing a brake pad

  • Because of unequal braking on the axle sides, the car coasts.
  • When the brake pedal is depressed, there is a loud noise.
  • The steel backing plate contacting the cast iron brake disc caused severe damage to the brake disc surface.

2. The brake lines have air in them

When there is air in the brake lines of the lorries, it is difficult for the vehicles to come to a stop. This is due to the fact that air may condense, making it more difficult for the truck to come to a stop.

3. Sticking brake pedal

The Service Brake System Light is another source of brake pedal issues on Silverado vehicles.

This may occur in the case of a malfunctioning braking system, such as a defective brake booster or blocked brake line.

If the car’s brakes fail to function properly, the light on the dashboard illuminate.

4. Low amounts of brake fluid

If the brake fluid in your Chevrolet Silverado is low, the Service Brake System Light may come on. This happens when brake fluid escapes or when the brakes get worn.

5. Make sure the Service Brake Light Bulb is Replaced

If, after carrying out the procedures described above, the indicator light does not go out, it is probable that the service brake light bulb has to be replaced.

6. Anti-lock Brake System or Electronic Brake Force Distribution

A corroded or broken ABS ring might cause the driveshaft or wheel bearing to provide an inaccurate signal.

If the sensor attachment points are corroded, the sensor may slide closer to the ABS ring and communicate inaccurate data to the ABS module.

6. Bad Brake Rotor

Brake rotors that have been damaged will cause the lights to come on. If the brake rotors on the truck are broken, it may be more difficult for the vehicle to come to a stop since they govern this ability.

How to Reset Service Brake System Light Silverado: Step by Step

Follow steps below in order to switch off the Service Brake System Light that is located on the Silverado service brake system.

1. Putting the key in the “on” position

Turning the key from off to on eight times in 10 seconds not only wakes up the car’s electronics module, but also the passenger compartment module. This is because quickly turning the key from off to on causes the engine to start.

2. Check the brake fluid level

Checking tire brake fluid level and applying extra braking fluid might deactivate the warning. Removing the truck’s bonnet exposes the brake fluid reservoir.

Check and replenish fluid. Replace the cap and turn the key immediately after filling the tank. Turn off and on the light.

3. Bleed the Service Brake System

A professional should inspect the Silverado’s system to make sure there are no leaks. If this is the case, no maintenance should be performed on the system unless the owner’s manual is consulted first.

4. To Buy A Repair Guide

You may need to get a service manual for your car in order to find the solution and reset the light on it. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get your light working again.


What does it mean when my Chevy says “Service Brake System”?

The Service Brake System Light should come on when the ignition is turned on and stay on for 2 seconds after the engine starts.

If the lamp stays on while the engine is running, it means that either the parking brake is on or the brake fluid level is below the “MIN” mark.

Many reasons exist for a car’s low fluid level, including worn braking pads or a malfunctioning braking component. Consequently, a mechanic should inspect the vehicle to find the cause and fix it.

How do I reset my service brake light?

Find the reason before resetting the service brake light. If the fluid indication is lit, add braking fluid.

Replace worn brake pad if the dashboard light illuminates. The light should reset automatically. Consult an expert if the light won’t reset.

How do I reset my Chevy Silverado truck?

Before you can resolve the issue that causes your Chevy Silverado truck to display the Service Brake System Light, you may need to tackle the problem. This could involve changing braking pads or adding fluid to the system. Alternatively, a professional mechanic might need to inspect and fix the issue on your car.

When the issue is resolved, the indicator light should automatically reset. If it doesn’t reset on its own, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic for further inspection.

What causes the service brake light to come on?

There are a few explanations for the Service Brake System Light to illuminate, such as:

  • Lack of fluids.
  • Brake pads that have worn out.
  • Failed part of the braking system.

Make sure your auto mechanic addresses any car brake issues as soon as they arise. If the indicator light stays on, have the issue checked out by a mechanic.

The Service Brake System indication light on your Chevy Silverado indicates a brake issue.

If the light doesn’t display an error after you repair the problem, have a mechanic at a garage inspect your vehicle.


A Chevy Silverado needs to repair its brakes once a warning light indicates a problem with the Service Brake System. Doing this keeps the vehicle’s brakes in good working order.

A malfunctioning or defective braking system can cause the dashboard lights to stay on. Other common reasons for dashboard lights include worn braking pads or low fluid in the system. If this doesn’t fix the problem, consider having a mechanic take a look at your vehicle.

Monitoring fluid levels, brake pads, and other components of the vehicle’s service brake system help make driving safe. In fact, knowing why the Service Brake System Light comes on might help you avoid it. Find out how yow to reset parking brake light.

To keep your Silverado’s brakes in good working order, follow the advice given in this article.

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