How to Tackle Road Emergencies?

Sometimes, we have to face some unexpected conditions on the roads. The unexpected conditions may lead to serious life threats not only to the person who is driving the car or truck but also to the pedestrians and nearby moving vehicles. How to Tackle Road Emergencies?

There are numerous reasons for road emergencies that usually we don’t expect. But the point is that how to tackle that emergency where you lose your consciousness and senses. Yes! Commonly people become faint and due to shock, it is hard for them to manage that state. Have you ever come across any road emergency? If yes then you must have an idea about the complexities of this moment.

But you can become a solid rock wall against this tough and challenging time. We will guide you about the tips and tricks and all the relevant questions that will help you in dealing with such conditions. You have to ensure that you read the article word by word till the end.

How to Tackle Road Emergencies?

Rule of Driving During Emergency Situations:

When you are driving on the road there is the only rule that gets ready for the unexpected. You never know what comes in front of your car or what is going to happen next. Challenges are waiting for the driver at every turn. You just make sure that you don’t lose your senses and your heartbeat regularly. Otherwise, you will not be able to handle the situation.

What Type of Emergency Situations You May Face on Road?

Numerous factors can lead to emergencies while you are driving. We are going to discuss them so that you may know and be ready to face them. Following are the emergencies that can cause trouble for you while driving.


Weather is not in your control. It may be dusty, it may be rainy, it may be hot, or it may be icy. There is no control of humans on nature. Most accidents observed are due to natural disasters. Sometimes flashes and lightning in the sky may lead to a shock and sometimes the tires get melted on the road due to burning hot roads.


Windscreen break is also a problem while traveling. You cannot see properly through the screen if it has lines on it. It may be because of hail. In northern cold regions, the tires may slip due to ice on the roads due to which the vehicle cannot run smoothly under the control of the driver

Driver’s Negligence:

It’s not only nature that raises troubles and obstacles against humans. Human is its enemy. Around 37% of the cases in the world are due to human negligence. People usually take off their eyes while driving or try to show off while taking off their hands from the steering wheel.

Not only that, people start driving after consuming alcohol. It is foolish and it is just like inviting death to your doorstep. Is it necessary to drive when you are not in your sense? No, but people don’t get this point and they keep going with the flow.

Tire Bursting:

The tires may burst due to several reasons. You need to ensure before taking your car on the roads for a long route drive that you are not moving with a flat-surfaced tire. The tire maintenance issues lead to the bursting of the tires and the car goes out of control. You may hit a tree or fall from a hill in such cases.

Tire Bursting

Brake Failure:

You are going at a constant speed and now you have to slow down due to traffic. But wait a minute, you find out that there are no brakes in your cars. You try hard to push the brakes, but it’s too late to activate the ABS.

Hundreds of people die due to such kinds of accidents on the roads. Some end up with broken arms, legs, and paralysis.

Accelerator Problem:

Just like brakes failure, the accelerator may also go out of function. And you may feel difficulty in dealing with such a condition. Now, over-speeding may be the root cause of this issue. It doesn’t matter that how hard you try to pull the accelerator! the speedometer will be increasing its value every minute. What will you do in this state? Will you cry or panic? It becomes tough for you with an uncontrolled throttle to turn your car and this leads to bumping of the cars in each other

Headlights Failure:

Headlights Failure

Headlights are quite essential when you are traveling in the dark. These are indicators for those who are coming from the opposite direction. You must be very careful when you are traveling in the dark especially on one-way roads to avoid any serious complications.

Emergency Condition due to Others:

It is not a thumb rule that you are always wrong or it is always your fault. Sometimes you may have to face any trouble because of the driver passing by you or coming from the opposite direction. His negligence can be a life threat for him as well as for you as you are going to confront him.

Fire Emergency:

The failure of the engine or overheating of the engine can cause the ignition of fire in the car. The flames can burn the car into ashes and charcoal in few minutes. And if not controlled on time, then it can lead to a blast if the fire reaches the fuel tank.

Fall in the River:

In emergency conditions, your car falls in the river or pond and now it is flooding with water. What will be your strategy to tackle the situation? Indeed, you don’t want to die like that! Then what will you going to do! You are no superman who can take the car out of the water with his force.

Fall in the River

Steps to Tackle Road Emergencies:

Are you feeling scared after reading all the above-mentioned emergencies? Don’t worry here are the steps to tackle the situations:

  • Always drive safely after finding out the weather conditions. Take a look at the weather report and then go out. Take necessary precautions according to the weather.
  • Don’t drive until you are entirely in your senses.
  • If your headlights are not functioning then turn on your emergency indicators and start moving on one side of the road at a slow speed.
  • In case of over speed and accelerator failure, try to pull the hand brake slowly and press the brake on time to avoid any serious complication.
  • If your car captures fire, then immediately leave the car and start throwing sand on the car if available nearby. If you see that the fire is going to approach the fuel tank then step aside to save yourself from the blast.
  • If your car falls inside a river or a pond, then remove your seat belt and swim come out of the car through the window. A car takes 10 minutes to drown. You can stand at the roof of the car to seek help.
  • You have to take spare tires with you while traveling on long routes. Moreover, you must have a toolbox in your car to tackle such conditions.
  • In case of accidents on the road due to someone’s negligence, if you find him knocked out then the first thing you need to do is to give him CPR. Then you need to call the ambulance immediately.

Video Tutorial (How to Tackle Road Emergencies?)

According to the facts and figures, a person learns quickly from the videos and animations. So, we have included this segment in our post for your better understanding. Click on the below-mentioned link to watch the video. It would be great if you will watch the video without skipping any moment.

Are you Ready to Face the Unexpected Challenges on the Road?

You have learned the art and tips to fight against unexpected conditions. Now you know that how you save your and others’ life in risky moments. You may feel knowledge deficient about the management and nerve controlling tactics before reading this article. But now you are mature enough to handle any above-mentioned situation alone!              

Last Words:

We would like to sum up here. We made an effort to make this article a complete junction where you can find the relative answers to all your questions. We hope that you have learned something fruitful out of it. Thank you for reading the post with great care and attention.

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