How to Tell If Expedition has a Heavy Duty Tow Package?

Are you planning to go on a vacation with your family in the summer? Well, that’s a great plan to spend your holidays. But when it comes to taking stuff with you, you may have to pause. Usually, people take things like cabins and sleeping vans while going on a family trip to hilly areas. The challenging task is to pull the vehicle part with your car or truck. For that purpose, you need a heavy-duty tow package to make both ends meet. How to Tell If Expedition has a Heavy Duty Tow Package?

The tricky part is that you need to find out how much load you need to carry and which vehicle will be better for you? People usually confuse a trailer package with a tow package.

Are you looking for someone to guide you about how you can identify that you need a heavy-duty tow package for your expedition? This post will help you can tell if the journey has a heavy-duty tow package! All you need is to read the post till the end.

How to Tell If Expedition has a Heavy Duty Tow Package?

Do You Want to Know What is A Tow Package?

If you don’t know what a tow package is, then there is nothing to shy or hide. It’s a prevalent thing. We will describe to you, “what is a tow package?” A tow package is a set of parts and segments that helps you in pulling your weight and load with safety and reliability to your destination.

You cannot load your car with all the stuff, nor can you fit the large cabin in your truck. So, you need intelligent assistance that will help you carry your load and luggage for that purpose. You are assuming it right that a tow package resembles a hitch, but there is a considerable gap in their features. A tow package ensures the safety of your truck and your stuff. The most observed part is the breaking of the hitch and the malfunctioning of the car or truck’s engine. Being overweight may lead to the overheating of the machine that causes the sealing of the engine, or it may start producing a bashing sound. But the heavy-duty tow package saves your money from any hole creation in your pocket!

Identification of Heavy-Duty Tow Package:

When you are looking for a heavy-duty tow package, you need to know the basic features. These features will let you identify whether your tow package is heavy duty or not. Indeed, it would be best if you didn’t suffer from any frustrating and annoying moments during your journey, so we are guiding you that you choose the right tow-package for your trip. Although, the new models of the expedition are equipped with the latest and highly efficient tow package for heavy load. So, the following are the features that will mark that your expedition has a heavy-duty tow package:

Identification of Heavy-Duty Tow Package

✔     Electronic Limited Slip Differential:

The new models of the expedition are equipped with a 3.73 electronic limited-slip differential. This feature helps in sensing the acceleration, torque, and steering angle. It allows you to adjust the factors according to the requirement and makes your drive safe.

✔     Pin Connectors:

The expedition models from 2017 and onward comes with a pin connector of 4 pins and seven pins. Both connectors mark the heavy-duty feature of the tow package. If there is no 7-pin connector in the expedition, you don’t need to choose that expedition as it is not a heavy-tow package.

✔     Integrated Brake’s System:

The highly efficient and latest brake system, which call TBC, also points that the expedition is heavy-duty.

✔     Backup Assistance:

The ease of driving by using the backup assistance is the essential feature that encircles the heavy-duty performance of the tow package.

Why do You need to Prefer a Heavy-Duty Tow Package?

Yes, it is a very valid question that why do you need and prefer a heavy-duty package? What is the reason that you have to spend your money on it? We bring the grounds under the spotlight and raise the curtain from the factors that will clear your concept regarding the need and preference of heavy-duty tow package. So, the following are the reasons:

Why do You need to Prefer a Heavy-Duty Tow Package

⮚     Pro Trailer Assistance Feature:

The excellent feature in the latest expeditions for heady-duty tow packages is the pro-trailer assistance. Indeed, everyone wants to ensure a safe drive. This feature helps you in an efficient and smooth ride. You can control your trailer without using the steering. A particular knob is present that helps you in moving the direction of the trailer. Hence, less force needs to be applied to turn.

⮚     Brakes Efficiency:

The brake system of the expedition must be highly efficient and functional to prevent any accident. Moreover, you carry around 6000-9000 pounds heavy load that can be dangerous for the road-siders and nearby cars in case of uncontrollable drive. So, the integrated brake system helps you in arresting the momentum of your car or truck in few seconds.

You can control the brakes from the console present at the center. It is a manual level control with two signs of plus and minus. These signs help you to increase or decrease the power of the brakes. You can adjust the brake force according to your need.

⮚     Use of Latest Electronic Axle:

With the advancement in technology, the car and truck companies have installed the latest electronic axle for towing having load. The latest models of the expedition have the electronic axle or 3.73 ratios. The purpose of the electronic axle is to provide a firm grip on the wheels on uneven surfaces where you cannot drive while carrying a heavy load.

How to Choose Between a Tow Package and a Trailer Package:

Most people get confused whether they want an expedition of a tow package or a trailer. But don’t worry, we are not leaving you in this ambiguous state alone. We will guide you on how you can decide between a tow package and a trailer.

The first thing is your budget. You want to go for heavy-duty services, then a tow package is the best available option, but if you’re going to carry lighter items, then a trailer package is the most probable option.

It would be best to make sure that how much you want to carry then look for the hitch quality. Don’t exceed the limit. And for a safe and sound drive on hilly areas and mountains, you need to prefer towing package. The reason is the powerful engine, integrated brakes, and driving assistance.

Is it necessary to buy a tow package?

If you want to carry a heavy load or something more notable in size that you cannot enter in your car or truck, you must go for an expedition with a tow package. It will help you carry a weight of around 6000lbs-9000lbs.

Ready to Go with your Heavy-Duty Tow Package?

You may claim that you don’t have the awareness about how to tell if your expedition has a heavy-duty tow package. But now you are well-aware and informed about the excursion and heavy-duty tow packages. Moreover, you have gone through the differences between the tow package and the trailer package. So, are you ready to go on a trip with a heavy load of 9000lbs? Then what keeps you waiting? Grab the car’s key, load the luggage and ride on your latest expedition.

Last Words:

So that is all from our side. We have tried to mention every essential and fundamental detail regarding the towing packages and expedition. It is now your job to choose according to your demand. Thank you for reading the article.

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