How to Tell If f150 has Maximum Tow Capacity?

When it comes to the load-carrying capacity of a car, we can stand a chance because not every vehicle can pull the weight of 5000+lbs. But with the advancement in the automobile industry, Ford came up with a towing monster called f150. How to Tell If f150 has Maximum Tow Capacity

This company has equipped this giant with the latest automobile parts and made it a genie for people. F150 has become a popular car in America and is now gaining the attention of travelers and tourists globally. It has become the first choice for those who want to carry heavy stuff and luggage with them on their trip without any fear of discomfort or damage.

But when it comes to bringing this beast to your home, you may feel confused! Yes, there is nothing unusual to check the features of the product you are going to buy. Do you want to confirm the maximum tow capacity of this machine? Don’t worry because we will guide you about the steps to check if f150 has a top tow package.

How to Tell If f150 has Maximum Tow Capacity?

What is a Tow Package?

The progress in the automobile industry led to ease for the drivers. Whether you want a vehicle for your heavy-duty jobs or family outings, tow packages are at the top of the priority list. Wait a minute! Do you know what a tow package is? There is nothing to hide or feeling shy about if you don’t know about two packages! We will guide you about the best pulling vehicles that are highly reliable for the safe shifting of your heavy load.

A few years back, we will find out that the old cars and trucks contain only hitches; you have to purchase the other parts to make it a complete tow package. But now, the companies are pre-installing the tow packages in the vehicles. Following are the features that make a vehicle a complete tow package:

  • It must have a dynamic engine to pull the load.
  • It must have energetic brakes to arrest the momentum quickly.
  • It must have a durable wiring connection.
  • The quality of the shock absorber must be suitable for a smooth drive on uneven roads.
  • The electronic gear ratio must be around 3.5 for carrying heavy loads.

What is the Reason behind Preferring a Tow Package?

Well, it is a fascinating question that why do you need to prefer a tow package? When you own a car or truck for your daily usage and heavy-duty jobs, you suddenly want something robust and reliable. Then a tow package is the best choice that can serve you as your daily commute or as your load-puller.

The first thing that will compel you is the brake system efficiency. When you are moving with high velocity on a hilly area, it becomes difficult to apply the brakes going downwards while carrying the load. The improved brake system arrests the momentum at the very second and keeps your stuff safe, and prevents you from any severe injury.

Moreover, when there is a dire need to carry a heavy load more than your car or truck’s capacity, a tow package can help you only in such conditions. The efficient design and built material are highly robust and reliable in pulling the load.

What is the Maximum Tow Package?

Before buying the two packages, you need to do some homework. The task you need to do is to find out your requirement regarding how much average weight you need to carry while going out for a trip or your delivery jobs?

The point to ponder is that there are differences in the towing capacity of vehicles. Either they are lightweight tow packages, or they are heavy-weight tow packages. It would be best if you found out that what is the optimum capacity of your chosen vehicle. The maximum weight that the car can pull is its maximum tow capacity, or we can call it the top tow package.

If we overload the vehicle, then it may cause severe complications to the engine. So, you have to mark your requirement then check the complete two packages. Although the manufacturers provide the maximum tow capacity details and the vehicle manual, you have to check it by yourself.

Variants of f150 Tow Package:

Let’s move towards our beast product Ford f150. If we talk about the ford f150 max tow package, then we have to discuss its variants. There are two models available in the market having a slight difference in their features. There is a basic tow package and max tow package. We will discuss the details of both variants that will help you in better understanding.

●      f150 Basic Tow Package:

We are bringing the distinguishing features of the f150 basic tow package under the spotlight. So, the following are the features:

  • It has 4/7 pin connectors.
  • High-quality tailgate LED light that helps in traveling at night
  • The integrated brake system allows for instant stopping of the vehicle.
  • The backup assist feature helps in the easy reversal of the tow package.
  • The company provides a class IV hitch trailer for pulling heavier loads.
  • The efficient cooling system helps to cool down the engine while carrying heavy stuff.

Ford f150 Max Tow Package:

Ford f150 is the best truck in the town regarding the tow package capacity. There is a remarkable resemblance of this variant with the basic tow package, but there are slight improvements in this truck’s mechanical and electrical portion!

Why Do You Prefer Max Tow Package?

What is the logic behind preferring max tow package over standard or basic tow package? You may think that you can go for a bar or basic tow package introduced by Ford. But the justification is that the max tow package offers you more load carrying capacity, better wiring, and quality built-up compared to the standard box.

How to Tell if f150 has Maximum Tow Package?

When it comes to identifying the maximum capacity of the f150 tow package, then you must know that how you can check it. It is an essential step to limit the specifications before buying the vehicle. Don’t you have any idea how to check the complete two packages of f150? Then follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • The ratio of the electronic axle is 3.55, but the max tow package has a gear ratio of 3.73.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 36 gallons.
  • The company has modifications to the rear bumper.
  • The camera positions for backup assists are pretty helpful in the reversal of the car.
  • The unique integrated brake system helps in stopping the system.
  • The larger fuel tank enables you to cover more distance.
  • The LED lights enlighten the path for you in the dark.

What is the Maximum Tow Capacity of f150?

The line drawing feature between the regular tow package and the complete tow package is the towing capacity. Ford f150 allows you to pull the load of 13000lbs while you can only pull the weight of around 5000-9000lbs with the help of a standard tow package.

Video Tutorial: (How to Tell If f150 has Maximum Tow Capacity)

Do you still feel ambiguous regarding f150 max tow capacity? Take a deep breath and click on this link. We have included this link in our post for your better understanding and clarification. Watch the video without skipping any second:

Are you ready to bring f150 to Your Home?

Have you read all the details and segments of the post regarding the f150 max tow package and watched the video completely? Well, you have done your job. You may not know about the Ford f150 tow package, but now you are mature enough to purchase this vehicle without any hesitation. So, what keeps you waiting? Bring this genie in your garage and set the roads on fire by the fluent ride of this beast.

Last Words:

We want to conclude here! We have tried to mention every minute detail and answer every question related to Ford f150 max tow capacity. Thank you for reading the post!

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