How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key: [In 3 Ways]

Any owner of a domestic or foreign vehicle should know how to unlock steering wheel without key. All automobiles, in general, have a number of distinguishing traits, which cause the design of the locking device to differ, and therefore the algorithms for unlocking the steering wheel to differ.

To begin, you can unlock the steering wheel by rotating it hard to one side. This adjustment, however, does not always solve the problem.

Secondly, you can try to remove the lock. To do this, you will need to cut or drill off the ignition lock system as well as the complete steering column.

In this post, we’ll look at various techniques for unlocking a steering wheel without a key, as well as advice for avoiding this problem in the future.

So, if you find yourself in a jam with a locked steering wheel, keep reading to find out how to get back on the road quickly.

What Causes Your Steering Wheel Lock?

A variety of devices defend modern automobiles from theft, preventing a car thief from easily gaining possession of the vehicle. Meanwhile, there are other reasons why the legal owner may not have access to the vehicle.

If the ignition lock or steering column has been repaired, the source of the problem has most likely been identified. However, there are additional causes of steering wheel lock, and they are frequently related to slight miscalculations and mistakes.

When exiting the car, for example, or by aggressively moving the steering wheel roughly a quarter turn, the steering wheel locks can be engaged.

But only after you’ve switched off the car and taken the key out of the ignition switch. The steering column makes a little “clicking” sound. The steering wheel is securely fastened. Also, the steering wheel may lock if your power steering fluid is leaking.

If the steering wheel suddenly locks, causing you to lose power steering fluid, then you may cause an accident while driving.

Tips from the experts on how to remove the steering wheel lock

Expert guidance on removing the lock, experts promise that it is better to contact a repair facility and set an appointment with a professional in order to unlock the steering wheel of the automobile.

This option is especially important for drivers whose vehicles are still under warranty. If your car’s steering wheel won’t turn, don’t panic and try drastic measures to fix the problem.

In reality, any interference with the car’s design will result in the suspension of warranty servicing. Professionals suggest the following solutions to the problem:

  • Park the car in a paid lot and remove the interlock.
  • Schedule an appointment with an unlocking professional.
  • Attempt to unlock it yourself without resorting to drastic measures.

How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key

As experience has shown, a car owner who wants to learn how to unlock steering wheel without key should be aware that there are various practical procedures that can be used to any make of vehicle.

1. Unlocking by yourself

This approach includes three easy options.

Trying a different key

If the master key does not work, try a different key. The issue might be with the ignition key, which could be broken or not fit correctly into the lock cylinder. Some modern vehicles may lack a spare key.

spraying WD40

When the lock hole is clogged, the way to fix the problem is obvious. Many motorists use the universal liquid WD40 for this purpose, it can be easily filled with a canister tube or syringe.

Also, if the key refuses to turn during the winter season because the mechanism has frozen, it should be thawed, for example, using a hair dryer or heated grease WD40. You may also use a lighter to warm the key.

Under no circumstances can hot water or other liquids be poured into the lock, since these can solidify.

If the ignition key is deformed, try using a hammer

If the key is deformed, it can be leveled by light tapping with a hammer. Broken key should not be used, because it can damage the mechanism of the lock, and then clearly disassembly is inevitable, plus its likely replacement.

2. Ignition Set Replacement for unlocking

If the following procedures do not help you free a jammed steering wheel, you may need to take a more technical approach. You may also require the assistance of a mechanic.

Take off the column panels

To remove the column panels, begin by removing the screws on both sides. Then, press on the tabs and remove the lower section. Repeat the process to remove the upper section.

Clear out the lock cylinder

The lock cylinder should be visible after removing the panels. Insert the key, locate the unlock tab, and press it in to activate it.

Turn the key while pushing the tongue and pull the cylinder lock out once it begins to move.

Install the new ignition lock system

Install new ignition lock system mechanism and use old key to open it. Return lock cylinder to original place and check key for full turn. Reinstall speakers only after confirming key works.

Replace the column

Replace the columns, first the upper section, then the bottom section. All clamps must be reinstalled in the same position as previously, and the screws must be tightened.

3. Using Sticky Lock Loosening

One potential method of “how to unlock steering wheel without key” is by releasing sticky locks. This method can be effective if the steering lock has become stuck due to dirt or debris accumulating in the lock mechanism.

Spray the keyhole with electrical cleaner

You will need to lubricate and clean the keyhole using an electric cleaner for this cure. Apply a little amount of oil to the keyhole, being cautious not to overdo it.

Insert the key and spin it backwards and forwards carefully to allow the grease to enter.

Insert and withdraw the key carefully many times

The key must now be inserted and extracted multiple times. A careful movement of the key will aid in the removal of any debris that may have entered the cylinder lock.

Check to see whether the key is deformed or damaged

A bent or broken key may prevent to unlock the steering wheel. If the key cannot turn the ignition cylinder, it needs to be replaced.

What to do if while driving my steering wheel locks up?

By default, most modern cars come with automatic locking steering mechanism that only work when the vehicle isn’t moving. This is because a car’s steering wheel locks while a car’s driving can be dangerous.

If this happens, try to safely bring the car to a stop and use a flathead screwdriver or steering wheel puller to unlock the steering wheels.

Asked Questions

How can I manually unlock my steering wheel?

To unlock a steering wheel without a key, you can try using a screwdriver or a steering wheel puller. The latter tool can be purchased at most auto parts stores and is used by attaching it to the back of the steering wheel and using it to pry the wheel off the column, freeing the steering wheels lock and allowing you to steer.

Also you can use a flathead screwdriver or a similar tool. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to insert the tool between the spokes of the steering wheel and turn it to unlock the wheel.

This method requires a bit of force and precision, but it can be effective if you’re able to get the tool in the right position.

How do I turn off the lock on my steering wheel?

There are several effective ways that are relevant in solving steering wheels lock, depending on the source of the problem. The simplest of which is described below:

You must try to discover the position of the steering wheel in which it, as well as the key in the lock, will be unlocked, for which you must rock the steering wheel from side to side while gently rotating the key in the ignition lock system.

As a result, after numerous attempts, the key may be turned to the engine start position, and the lock will be opened.

Can you turn the key if the steering wheel is locked?

It may be a frustrating and perhaps dangerous scenario if the steering wheel and ignition switch become stuck. The first step in unlocking the steering wheel is to turn the key in the ignition switch and start the engine.

Some experienced drivers recommend swinging the steering column left and right while attempting to turn the key, as this can sometimes help to unlock the steering wheel.

If it doesn’t work, it may be necessary to seek help from a professional mechanic or a tow truck to get your vehicle moving again.


Unlocking a steering wheel without a key can be challenging, but it is possible with the right tools and techniques. If you find yourself in this situation, start by trying one of the manual methods mentioned above.

Provoke locking the steering wheel can cause both natural wear and mechanical damage during the operation of the lock cylinder, as well as clogging the inner cavity or freezing as a result of exposure to low temperatures.

Sometimes it is best not to try to fix the problem yourself and instead call an authorized vehicle dealer, such as if the car is still under warranty, but in many circumstances, the problem may be readily handled by yourself.

Also, no matter what method you choose, it’s always a good idea to keep a spare key on hand in case you find yourself in this situation in the future.

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